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Butler Service

Providing Everything You Need

Massage service in your Villa

Wellness in your privacy

Picture yourself experiencing a deeply relaxing massage under the serene shade of a palm tree, or accompanied by the soothing melody of ocean waves. Doesn't it sound like the epitome of a perfect holiday?


Rest assured, I will bring this oasis of wellness to you, regardless of your location in Golf del Sur.

I offer you the massage service to complement your healthy and balanced living without leaving your home.

Wellness on retreats

If you are organizing a retreat, seminar, or workshop in Tenerife, I am here to enhance your event and provide your group with a truly exceptional experience.


Whether your group consists of yoga practitioners seeking serenity, individuals on a detox-hiking holiday, or participants attending a coaching seminar, I can cater to all needs and ensure a successful outcome.


Consider incorporating an afternoon massage treatment to break up the day. Alternatively, your participants may benefit from a revitalizing foot and leg massage after a refreshing hike. No matter the theme or focus of your workshop or retreat, I will tailor my services to suit your specific requirements.


Rest assured that I am committed to making your event truly special, providing the finishing touch that elevates it to a remarkable and memorable experience for all involved.

Massage service on retreats
Private Instructor, Private Butler Service

Ocean Wellness

Are you yearning to explore the most breathtaking dive spots on Earth, but prefer not to venture alone? Would you like to learn how to breath underwater? Do you need a private instructor who is always just with you?


Do you find it tiresome to spend precious time searching for the perfect options to suit your desires?


If your ultimate dream is to swim and connect alongside magnificent dolphins and whales, then fear not, for I am here to assist and turn your dream into a reality! 

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